Young Couple FIrst Time Home Buyers
"Alexa, talk to My Real Estate Advisor."
Home buyers and sellers facing what seems like a daunting process
learn what to expect simply by asking Alexa.
Amazon Alexa Echo Dot generation 3
Amazon Alexa Echo Geneation 3

A home buyer or home seller often face unexpected requirements in their real estate transaction that could become unexpected costs. They can manage their money better by learning what to expect!


My Real Estate Advisor guides you through high level keys steps of the real estate process and can send you the Home Buyer Guide or the Home Seller Guide filled with details to prepare you.

Reduce the unexpected in your real estate process...

Simply say:
"Alexa, talk to My Real Estate Advisor."
My Real Estate Advisor can help you learn about the steps of buying or selling a house and prepare you for your real estate transaction.
The voice skill is free to use. Just ask Alexa.