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My Real Estate Advisor can help you learn about the steps of buying or selling a house and prepare you for your real estate transaction.
The voice skill is free to use. Just ask Alexa. 


Thinking about buying a home
Buying a home – it’s your dream!
The "My Real Estate Advisor" Alexa voice app will guide you through the home buying process. It will explain what’s involved in buying a home, what the steps are in the whole process of buying a home, and how do I buy and sell a home at the same time. 
Topics to think about are:
• The Decision to Buy a Home
• For First Time Homebuyers
• The Homebuying Process
• Getting Started
• Financials
• School Districts
• Property Taxes and Insurance
• Buying and Selling at the Same Time
• Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent for You
• Finding Your Home
• Making an Offer
• Legal Matters
• Sealing the Deal
• Moving In
• Life as a Homeowner
• Master List of Do’s and Don’ts
• Homebuying Checklist
• A Glossary of Terms
Simply say:
"Alexa, talk to My Real Estate Advisor."

Use any Alexa enabled device.

Thinking about selling the house

Selling your home is about making a series of informed decisions.
The "My Real Estate Advisor" Alexa app is designed to help you understand the process so you know if selling is the right move for you, how to get your home ready for the market, how to get the most bang for your buck, and what to expect along the way.
Topics to think about are:
• Making the Decision to Sell Your Home
• Steps to Selling Your Home
• Selecting a Real Estate Agent
• Net to Seller Worksheet
• Presale Updates & Repairs
• Seller Home Prep Checklist
• Getting a Pre Inspection
• Determine the Right Listing Price
• Accepting or Rejecting an Offer
• Closing on Your House
• Buying and Selling at the Same Time
Simply say:
"Alexa, talk to My Real Estate Advisor."

Use any Alexa enabled device.