How do I get started?
Voice apps are called "skills" by Amazon

"Alexa", created and operated by Amazon, is the computer software system that you can interact with by using voice - you talk to it. "Echos" are the names of some of the devices offered by Amazon that are specifically used to talk to Alexa. Echo devices have special microphone arrays that make voice interaction work really well. Amazon offers a number of different devices that you can use to talk to Alexa. An Echo, Echo Dots and the Fire TV Cube (talk to your television!) are pictured above. 

Alexa can also be accessed via the Alexa app on your phone. The app is required if you have and are using Echo devices. If you do not have any devices you can still install and use the smart phone app for free. Setting up Alexa requires an Amazon account.

Alexa is really pretty smart on her own. The Amazon Alexa creators designed the system to encourage third party develops to create their own software voice apps that run on the Alexa system. This gives added knowledge to Alexa, thus improving its skill. Hence, the third party voice apps are called "skills." Think about it like a smart phone - you can make calls and access the internet, but installing third party apps is what makes the smart phone, well..."smart."

Installing additional voice apps on your own Alexa account is referred to as "Enabling the skill." You can enable a skill from the Amazon web page of the skill, through the smart phone app, or often just by speaking to Alexa and telling her to enable a specific skill.

When talking to Alexa you must say the "wake word" to get started. The wake word is, obviously, "Alexa." You'll then see the blue ring or blue light that indicates it is listening to you. Then, ask your question. If you want to use a specific skill you must "invoke" its name with the specific phrase "talk to my real estate advisor" , or "open my real estate advisor."  

Often, specific invocation phrases are created to bring you to a specific point in the skill. Example: "Alexa, ask my real estate advisor how to buy a house."

How do I enable My Real Estate Advisor?
Alexa screen shot with border.jpg
Enable the skill-Desktop

Enable the skill on a Desktop

From within the Amazon web site, search Alexa Skills for MY REAL ESTATE ADVISOR. Then click the ENABLE button.

Enable the skill - Mobile
Screenshot_20181015-144910_Amazon Alexa.

Enable the skill on a Mobile 

From the Alexa app on your phone, search for the skill MY REAL ESTATE ADVISOR. Then click the blue ENABLE button

Install the Alexa App

Need the Alexa app on a Mobile ?

From the App Store or Google Play search for Amazon Alexa and click install.


Simply say:
Alexa, talk to My Real Estate Advisor."