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A home buyer or home seller often face unexpected requirements in their real estate transaction that could become unexpected costs. They can manage their money better by learning what to expect!

Buying a home - it's your dream!

Are you prepared?

What's involved in buying a home?

What are the steps in the whole process?

How do I buy and sell at the same time?

Selling the house is about making a series of informed decisions. Learn how to prepare your house for the market, how to get the most bang for your buck, and what to expect along the way.

You can speak to any Alexa enabled device to talk to the "My Real Estate Advisor" voice app.

The most common devices are the Amazon Echo and the Echo dot. Becoming very popular is the Amazon cube with Fire Stick that can operate your television.

Did you know that you can install an Alexa app on your smart phone, for free? Use Alexa where ever you go!

Simply Say "Alexa, talk to My Real Estate Advisor."  The My Real Estate advisor skill will start by asking you if you're interested in buying, or selling. The skill will then briefly explain an overview of either process and offer to elaborate on some topics. 

Alexa can immediately send a detailed guidebook about buying or selling a house. Each guidebook is 30-40 pages in length. The guidebooks detail out the steps of buying or selling and some of the lifestyle decisions you may encounter. Alexa can immediately text the PDF guidebooks to you and, like the skill itself, the guidebooks are free. Just follow the voice prompts when Alexa asks if you want to learn more about the ebook.

When you're ready for in depth guidance in your specific town or neighborhood Alexa can contact a Realtor for you. 

Simply say:
"Alexa, talk to My Real Estate Advisor."

Use any Alexa enabled device.